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MillMix 20  is developed for  scientists, who need efficient disruption of small amounts of sample.

Main features

Fast and efficient disintegration of samples

Suitable for qPCR

Solid and stable construction

Broad range of jars & tube holders

Largest Jar capacity 2 x 50 ml

Steel and stainless steel jars

Rounded Téfon® Jars

Squared Téfon® Jars


MillMix is usefull tool for disintegration of several materials and can be used on different fields of science: microbiology, biotechnology, medicine, veterinary, chemistry, geology, metallurgy, …

Positive Examples

Airborne pathogen transmission

Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the Air, Detection of Avian Influenza Virus in Surface Water, Direct Detection of Pathogens in Food and Water, Prevent biofilm growth in the distribution systems

High-yield DNA/RNA extracting, ...



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Fitnes wellness tehtnica



Inovativna fitnes tehtnica je idealna za uporabo v fitnes  in wellness centrih, lekarnah, pri prehrambenem svetovanju ipd.

Poleg mase in indeksa telesne mase, funkcije analize telesa, vključuje še natančno merjenje ravnotežja mišic, maščob in vode, ter izračun trenutne stopnje presnove. Merjenje poteka preko rok, zato lahko uporabnik stoji na tehtnici v čevljih.

To je priročna rešitev, ki prihrani čas. V primerjavi z običajnimi analiznimi tehtnicami.

Integrirani tiskalnik natisne maso in podatke analize, vključno z individualno oceno.



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Veliki stresalnik



Vibromix 50 is a large bench-top shaker designed for continuous run and heavy loads. This solidly constructed shaker has a housing that is made from coated steel plate to reduce motor noise and ensure stability. A powerful brushless motor and counter-weight shaking mechanism provides smooth operation and years of maintenance free use.


Shaker is suitable for temperature-controlled environments, making it ideal for cold rooms or use in heating incubators. The universal platform for Erlenmeyer flasks is ideal for growing microbiological cultures.

Main features


  • Designed for heavy loads and continuous operation
  • Different platforms (available on demand)
  • Orbital shaking, 19 mm orbit





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